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Welcome Once Again To Our Online Spiritual Haven, which we know best as our Online Home.

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SpiritualHaven is a sacred learning space for all that believe in the work of Spirit, distant energy healing and magick, universal subjects of the Mind and Spirit.
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 Spiritual Haven Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Spiritual Haven Forum Guidelines   Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:17 pm

Spiritual Haven is to be perceived as an Online Home for all genuinely minded aware people and alike minded believers that are open to the work of Spirit and the Higher Beings that are able to Communicate and Convey messages of confirmation and insightful guidance along to whomever is Sitting at the time of the open connection.

Spiritual Haven wishes to transform into just that... a true haven for all believers of Spirit's work. We hope to build a positive online spiritual haven that is an online home to not just us, but many souls awakening and that have answered their calling to work with Spirit during this time in their lives. By doing good deeds we know we can help people out to the best of our intuitive ability and by working WITH Spirit, we know we can share our knowledge, messages sent from them upstairs to convey across to whomever wishes to Sit for us at the time of the read itself. 

While we are are indeed a haven of friendship and positive intentions, we ask that for anyone that enters our site to set aside your ego and any negative intentions or energetic vibrations that do not serve you any more purpose on your path. We suggest that its best to be grounded and protected as you will indeed be around Energy on our site... and this ensures that you are safe within your own being and mindset as well as awareness.  

Spiritual Haven is a flowing kinda site. We welcome all new learnings as well as the old way of learning. If it sits right with you then it sits right with us... and if it works then it works....trust in your instincts by doing what is right for you.

We know that by being eclectic in our paths... we accept changes along with the flow without any rigidness of stagnant energies holding us down in a rut.... we are learning every step of every day, we are all in the same boat just as you are learning every day. We are all on the save wavelength on this site. 

Equality is a MUST as is Confidentiality between everybody that enters our site .. this is a working support group helping each other - those that wish to be helped - so respect and honesty are indefinitely the best way forward. Don't judge a book by its cover. Acceptance for all coming into our site regardless of background, ethnicity, race, gender, specific circumstances and past history... a non-judgemental environment.  

So if you have something that needs to be said....please be tactful in your wording and choose positive language... rather than negative language....as we all understand what it is like to be under conflicting energies in connection with psychic and spiritual warfare/attacks as we have ALL been there.... so be mindful of your intention and word choice of language before you post.

We are aware that everyone has freedom of choice and free will therefore it it  this which determines your finalised outcome of a practice reading link or healing energy session. It is vital that with readings and healing services as included on our site are offered FREE as we are indeed a non-profit community that does not charge for any of our services offered here on site. With regards to Practice Readings... predictions are a definite no-no... especially true death predictions as it would make Sitter feel afraid or uneasy... please do not predict on our site... if you are new to the reading and working with energy level of awareness... sometimes its best to start out with psychic development first before moving onto the working with spirit pathway. 

The future isn't etched in stone... all of us have a say in what our future is.... therefore future is interchangeable according to our decisions as made in the present. If when sitting for a reading best not to feed the reader with information as that would bring about a cold reading....again this is a no-no on our site... as it makes the person Sitting at the time feel like they've had a not so good experience.... if you can't read that person please let us know... and another volunteer can handle the request.

ALL services on our site are offered on a volunteer basis only... we are not open 24/7 in terms of reading energies...  all of us have regular lives as well plus its good to break in between so as to keep your energies revived and up to par, working on a higher vibrational level. 

Healing Disclaimer:- Healing on Site is NOT To be substituted for medical treatment. And if an ailment or health issue should arise, please seek professional medic who is trained in this field and will be able to help you more than we can. Same goes to Counselling and going to see your local doctor/GP before further action is taken. Medical advice is not offered on our site. We do not offer diagnosis on any health problem; please seek doctor or local GP before action can be taken. 
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Spiritual Haven Forum Guidelines
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