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  Card of the Month for March

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PostSubject: Card of the Month for March   Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:49 am

It is called Feldspar also known as the ten of diamonds...

Feldspar is entirely a healing stone, one of many, this stone's energy link in with communication and the battles that have cropped up over the last month... its all about finding your own self-worth and self-confidence too... learning to speak your mind when you can do so and knowing when not to do so...let your voice be heard...there is a situation around this crystal's consciouness where issues of the heart are being sorted and dealt with by the crystalline beings that are around... calming energies and soothing ones that are beneficial to one's soul..

pink light is surrounding this and the passage of what feels like a tunnel, is now showing the light shining through the gaps... march may feel like a month that has been a uphill climb for some still climbing that mountain, but march is also a month of new beginnings, fertility season... birthing of new ideas and new adventures..... journeying within to find yourself and your true path that you are focusing on...

feldspar is the foundation of teaching us the wisdom of friendship.. what it means to be a true friend to people.......its also about doing what naturally sits right for you... whether that be focusing on yourself and taking time out to pamper your needs.... feldspar has a gentle energy that is soft but viligent in the fact that determination, dedication and hard work.. what you put into doing what you do.... rewards are springing forth for you...
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Card of the Month for March
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