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 Tea Leaves ~ Tasseomancy

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PostSubject: Tea Leaves ~ Tasseomancy   Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:04 pm

Tasseomancy - (The knack of reading the leaves)

Tea Leaves:- otherwise known as Tasseology or Tasseomancy is the art of reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, etc. It is indeed another method of divination which one can use to read the formation of how the leaves are scattered at the bottom of the mug or cup or object which you are using. Working with coffee grounds is known as Cafeomancy.
You may find that certain brands of tea produce different messages and workings within the readings themselves as well. So its all about going with which brand of tea you are drawn to use too which may enhance the read itself.

So for example, if any chance that you would connect to someone from Yorkshire, you may feel that Yorkshire Tea would be preferable in relation to their energy. Use your common sense and intuition also to justify which tea you are drawn to work with. And sometimes some teas do not necessarily gel with that person's energy, so if you cannot spot any imagery within the formation of the leaves -- do not worry -- it just may take a while for you to relax and for the imagery to flow through the link or connection as opened from the tea being the conduit instrument or tool being used to convey the right messages across to the Sitter.

Some people like to use specific tea cups that are designed to help tea leaf readings in general. Me? Personally, I just use a mug with a white base that allows me to interpret the scattered leaves within. As long as its cleansed for the reading so that while I'm working with the energies it - the old influencing energies will not influence the read any time because it has been cleared previously before use.

So how do you read the Leaves? Well, naturally you will need to make a mug or a cup of tea to start off with along with your chosen brand of tea. Make sure you are grounded and protected before trying this exercise so as to ensure no harm will come to you.

Make sure that if you use a mug that it has a white surface inside base so that you can interpret them against the surface It is best not to use a strainer as a strainer will eliminate the leaves from your mug or cup.

If you have bags rather than leaves you will need to make the tea first and open or empty some of the contents into the tea so as to ensure that you have enough leaves at the bottom of your tea to swill around to work with.

It is best to leave a just a small mouthful left of tea within the mug or cup's contents so as to ensure that you have enough to swill the contents around further. It is easier to swirl the contents around a few times - three - would be enough so as to ensure your leaves are scattered nicely. You will also need a small saucer or plate so as to tip the cup or mug upside down onto the saucer or plate. You can opt to turn it around clockwise and leave for 3 minutes while you sort out your positive intention.

"I (insert your name) Use this (Insert your brand of tea) as an reading tool to convey messages of the universe and positive spiritual messages to connect to higher energies to convey across to the (insert Sitter's username or name of focus in here) I strive to make sure my intention is positive and that I am here to help the Sitter in any way shape or form, my intention is made of good will and good intentions to help them to the best of my ability. By conveying messages across through this instrument and focusing tool I hereby connect to their energies through the contents of the mug and do my best to convey anything that materializes across to them. Peace be."

When that 3 minutes is up you may feel drawn to turn the cup over and study the formations of the leaves both within the cup and on the plate. Look for the imagery that stands out to you within the formation of the leaves. Is there anything specific that stands out as being symbolic? Trust your first thoughts with the meanings and symbolism, as it could be the opening of a psychic link with that particular energy.

Remember we are working with psychic energy.

When the linking in of energies has finished and you are good to work with spirit now, and you have given all information that you can give within the reading part of it that has occurred, clear your mug and plate by rinsing it underneath the tap water  from the tap, visualizing the water as light and clearing all energy residue from the reading.

And tune out, cutting your cords when you feel the need to do so in meditation along with AA Michael's help and assistance.
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Tea Leaves ~ Tasseomancy
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