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PostSubject: Floramancy   Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:44 pm

The Language of Flowers

The symbolism of flowers has always possessed a certain fascination especially for the young person of either sex. That it is wholly unscientific does not matter, it is only the sentiment that counts. By use and wont the blossom and leaves of certain trees are included under the term “Flowers”. The language of flowers can be used when thinking of other people to give flowers too.

Meanings of Flowers:-

Acacia, friendship. Almond, blossom encouragement. Aloe, grief. Anemone, soul of goodness. Apple blossom, you are preferred. Arbutus, I love but thee. Aster, always gay (meaning happy). Balm, sympathy. Bee Orchid, Industry. Begonia, steadfast. Blackthorne, courage under trials. Bluebell, true and tender. Borage, there are obstacles. Bramble, perserverance. Buttercup, homeliness. Calceolaria don't be jealous. Camellia, beautiful but cold. White Carnation, purity. Red carnation, my heart is broken. Celandine, be not down hearted. Chrysanthemum, hope springs eternal. Clematis, poor but honest. White Clover, think of me. Red clover, sweetness. Columbine, bound to win. Convulvous, Hearts entwined. Cornflower, never despair. Cowslip, Happiness. Crocus, ever glad. Cypress, affliction. Daffodil, welcome. Dahlia, gracious. Daisy, innocence. Daphne, immortality. Eglantine, I am cruel to be kind. Fennel, strength. Fern, sincerity. Forget-me-not , forget me not. Foxglove, deceitful. Fuchsia, fickleness. Gentian, hope. Generanium, warm regard. Gorse, Constancy. Grass of Parnassus, I dream of thee.

Harebell, short lived joy. Hawthorn, courage in adversity. Heather, I am lonely. Holly, rejoice together. Honeysuckle, devotion. Hyacinth, hard fate. Iris, have faith in me. Ivy, I eling, Jasmine, friends only. Labarnum, forsaken. Laurel, triumph. Lavender, sweets to the sweet. Lilac, unadorned beauty. Lily, austere purity. Lily of the valley, doubly dear. Lime, domestic bliss. Lobelia, unselfishness. London pride, unassuming. Magnolia, magnamimity. Maple, do not forget. Marigold, honesty. Mignonette, undiluted pleasure. Mint, riches. Musk Rose, you charm me. Myrrh, happiness. Mrytle, unforgotten joy. Nasturtium, optimisim. Olive, peace. Orange blossom, happiness in marriage. Palm, victory. Pansy, thoughts. Passion flower, comfort in affliction. Petunia, I believe in thee. Pimpernel, consolation. Polyanthus, unreasoning pride. Poppy, forgetfulness. Primrose- do not be bashful. Primrose evening, duplicity. Red Rose, Love. White Rose, Worthy of Love. Yellow Rose why waneth Love? Rosemary, remembrance. Sage, virtuous and wise. St John's Wort, Real nobility. Sensitive plant, fain would I climb. Shepherd's purse pride of worth. Snow drop, goodness unalloyed. Speedwell, God be with you. Starwort, second thoughts are better. Strawberry blossom patience and foresight. Sunflower, adoration. Sweet Pea, I long for thee. Sweet William, Pleasant Dreams, Thistle, defence not defiance. Thyme, affection. Tulip, Unrequited Love. Verbena, you have my confidence. Violet, modesty. Wall flower, loyalty in friendship and lastly, white heather, good luck.

(Credited to Herbert Johnson, 1735, The Language of Flowers, article from Enquire within Book of Everything).

It is best though not to use this as guidelines but trust in your intuition Wink and any messages that you can feel around the flower that you are working with.

Part II – Flower Divination.

Using flowers as a tool to focus on and practice readings with is only one of the fascinating divination arts. Every flower has it's own meaning, it's own story to tell. Today, we are using clairvoyant flowers. These flowers will act as the bridge to develop your own awareness, your intuitive impressions and hopefully, by connecting to the universal energies and the consciousness of the flowers, as readers, we will be able to use these tools to provide insight as to what's going on in your life.

We are not connecting to directly to spirit in this exercise so if any spirit visitors do arrive, please ask them to step back or wait patiently until after the exercise from when you can then do a reading for the sitter should you desire.

Firstly, when working with energy, it is a definite... that you ought to ground and protect yourself as you are working with energy. That way no harmful, negative energies may reach your energy fields while you're working. Does everyone know how to ground and protect? If not... please see the link as located in the grounding and protection meditation section Wink

>insert prayer/tailored intention here<

Practice Reading with Flowers

I would like you now to go with your Sitter's name, one which you feel drawn to. I want you all to take a deep breath and just relax. Do this three more times to release any tension or nerves or everyday stress collecting consciously in the body.

Now, focus on the name of the person that you have chosen. See it becoming bolder within your mind's eye. Focus on the name. You may find yourself tuning into the energy of the name, find yourself going further and further into the energy behind the name so that you even see beyond it.

At this point, ask that a flower is shown to you for you to give a reading to the sitter. Concentrate but don't try too hard as this will force it. This is normal, it is known as remote review.

So, now that you are tuned into the sitter's energy using a clairvoyant flower that spirit has given you to work with. It can be any shape, any size flower, any colour, any kind of texture. It can be tall, short in size, a closed or open bud.

Some prompts for if you are feeling stuck with the tool itself...

What style your flower is that you are seeing or being shown. It doesn't matter if you don't know the name of the flower, just keep the picture of the flower in your mind. Look at the flower. Is it a sunflower standing tall and proudly in the wind, able to face any obstacle that is flung its way? Is it a rose with sharp thorns, drooping slightly wilted?

Is there a story being portrayed by the flower? What does it mean? What is the flower showing you? Listen to your first thoughts and your intuition as to what it is telling you....

Remember to give all you receive to the sitter.

Withdraw your energies by centering yourself. Turn your awareness to the solar plexus chakra (the third chakra in your chakra system located three inches up from the sacral chakra) and see all yellow energies returning to you. You are now centered. Remember to take a couple of sips of water.

As always, it is polite courtesy to thank the sitter for the opportunity to read and for the flower for working with it's natural energy. Please remember to give thanks to the flower spirit and to the sitter for the opportunity to read. Bring your awareness back to the present when you are finished and continue to take sips of water if needed.
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