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 Focusing With Your Pendy

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PostSubject: Focusing With Your Pendy    Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:53 pm

How to Train Your Pendulum

If you have a pendulum the first thing you will want to do is to introduce yourself to the stone if its a crystal one, I know I know this sounds so much out there, but its a good way of starting off a friendship with stones. So if you hold it between your second fingertip and thumb so that it is able to swing freely between them.

Ask your pendulum these two questions so as to ensure which way it will swing for a YES Answer or for a NO answer.

  • Is my name.....(Insert your own name here?)

Watch and wait for the direction of the pendulum to swing one way; this will be for your answer. Trust any first thoughts that you may receive in relation to this while it is swinging too as these will be messages for you to receive at this point in time. Ask for it to stop swinging and wait until it stops swinging before you ask it another question.

  • Is my name.....(Insert someone else's name in here)

Watch and wait for it to swing in another direction so this ensures the rotation for your NO Answer. Ask for it to stop swinging and wait for it until it stops swinging before you ask it another question.

To clear your chakras using the pendulum

Hold the pendy in the same position as you would when asking the names, except in this case you hold it over or next to the position of the center on your body. Where the root center of energy which holds all the energies for grounding; hold the pendulum beside this one about ten inches away and ask for it to cleanse and re-balance the center using positive intention. You can repeat this process for every chakra and when finished, you can take a few sips of water as you are indeed still working with energy. As always, give thanks to the pendy for working with your chakra energies.

Sending out Positive Using a Clear Quartz Pendulum

Fill the quartz pendulum with golden yellow energy and your positive intention. Actually see it being channeled into the quartz pendulum as a colour of golden yellow; place it on the windowsill standing up right with the point facing away from you so as to direct the energy outwards to the person where it is meant to go to; visualize it leaving the crystal as a ray of light taking with it all of that crystal's properties within it as it does so. This ensures that all of your healing with that crystal is positive and is being sent to that person through the positive crystal healing ray beams of light.
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Focusing With Your Pendy
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