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 Smudging Your Tools

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PostSubject: Smudging Your Tools   Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:00 pm


What you will need:

  1. A favorite brand of incense most particularly a scent
  2. One that you are drawn to or enjoy smelling.
  3. Incense wooden strand to catch the ashes in.
  4. A lighter to light the incense.
  5. Your positive but tailored intention.
  6. The tool you want to cleanse and clear.

1/. Calm your mind and just breathe two or three deep breaths to relax and calm.
2/. Think in your mind 'I would like for this incense stick to fully cleanse and clear the tool or tools that I work with so that I can work with them and they can work with the higher energies that are collectively stored within the aura; may this intention be positive so as to ensure no negative backlash and repercussions from any other outside influencing energy. May this tool or object that I'm trying to cleanse work with the positive intention and higher energies. Thank you and peaceful blessings.'
3/. Light the incense and wave it gently over the tool you wish for it to cleanse all the while trusting that your own intention is working.

4/ You can use this method and intention to cleanse and clear your home simply by swapping the part where it says tool and placing your home in the tailored intention; and repeating the same process. Trust that your intention is working and is ensuring the positive energies to surround the tool in love and light.

Keep away from pets & children... though and open a window if the aroma of smoke is potent scent... I know it varies on what your incense tastes are but sage is predominantly a strong aroma... would recommend to try a nicer aroma like sandalwood or along similar lines... if do not like sage.... there are a good variety of choices out there but its what you prefer that is your choice of which incense you work with.
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Smudging Your Tools
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