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 Earth Angel Message

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PostSubject: Earth Angel Message   Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:43 am

Dear Earth Angels,
You have been chosen profoundly to continue your mission in this lifetime. As an Earth Angel, you will find that there are many trying times up ahead, but as long as you put things into practice with what you’ve been taught, and listen to your guides, perspectives will change and assurance is there that it will indeed become easier. One step at a time. The Angels that are around you have been communicating and have retrospect fully granted all of your wishes which you’ve sent out to the universe have been heard. Therefore, you know, deep down inside that your work is important. You have been struggling as of late, trying to keep your balance above it all. It is perfectly ok to take time out to scent the roses on your journey. You know that you have been chosen to do this work. And you know that you must continue to do so with lightness of heart and with good intentions.
Arch Angel Metatron knows this as well. So if you have been suppressing your inner inibitions, your voice and your dreams....and you have been feeling unhappy about this...know that there is time to change and embrace those changes yet in your lifestyle. You are the catalyst to the changes. What you say goes in your life. And the new energies are helping you rearrange this so you can balance your working life. Earth Angels, Dear Ones, we know that you have been suffering with depression and all of those negative vibrations and variations, clingy energy that sticks onto your energy. you can remove those dilligently by asking AA Michael to step forward and degree your energies from those that are hindering your progress. Naturally, we are always around to help, if needed. But you do need to ask first so that we can help. AA Raphael is on standby to help all earth angels that are struggling with sordid emotional energy, such as depression, and any attaching energies that feel sticky, heavy, or weighted down within your aura. You need to release these energies furthermore let go of them so that your energy is free and moved away from these old vibrations. Ask for these vibrations to be moved away from your own and send them back to their rightful place,environment, time, space and dimension then surround yourself with love and the light-hearted vibrations, invite these peacefully harmonious energies into your life, which are doing good for your soul.
Protect yourself, Earth Angel,
for you know you are safe in your surroundings,
but we are here waiting for your call.
Peacefully Yours,
Signed, Archangel Raphael & Metatron
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Earth Angel Message
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