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 Clearing Stress Headaches And Your Home

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PostSubject: Clearing Stress Headaches And Your Home   Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:58 pm

Cleansing your Home

There are several methods of cleansing your home. This is a method that I use and have used often. Imagine a net being placed around your home from ground to the roof of your house. Picture your net very firmly within your mind.

State your intention: I understand the importance of this net and ask that it clears any and all negative entities or energies away from my home, clearing away any blockages that hinders my pathway and communication from those around me. I ask this net to capture any bad intentions, hidden motives or multiple agendas and misleading whispers to be taken away and with the aid of Selene and the Archangels to be cleansed and purified by the light, positive energies. I now ask that this net to be filled with loving, pink, harmonizing light, so that the negative energies can be dealt with as deemed fit. Lastly I ask that any left over healing energy is sent to earth to aid in the cleansing process. Thank you.

Now, picture your net being filled with love, with pink unconditional love. See the colour of pink entwined with the light of the moon rays shining through the windows filling the interior of the house and the net surrounding it with positive vibes. Picture the net surrounding the house dispersing into that of the light. See the shadows of darkness dwelling within the home, any whirlwinds from those emotions being swept away back into the light where they belong. See any left over or remaining energy sent back to earth. Your house should be now cleansed.
Thank you Selene and the universal energies for helping me with this exercise.

A small exercise for removing headaches

If you have been blessed with the gift of empathy, here is a little exercise for you if you find yourself picking up someone else's headache.

  1. See the ring of pressure as a dark energy ring of tension around your head. Lift this ring up and over your head, then break it into tiny pieces.
  2. Put the ring of pressure into water and see this water going down a universal plughole. See your tension being swept along into the tide and straight down into the earth into the fire where it can be cleansed and purified.
  3. Next state your intention: I would like to call down cosmic healing light to use for cleansing and clearing away any tension. Thank you.
  4. Choose a colour. See the person being engulfed within this colour, imagine this colour embracing the person, so that he or she is surrounded by it.
  5. Imagine this colour wrap itself around the area where the headache was.
  6. Picture the colour filling the space where the ache was originally found. Alternatively, you can visualize yourself placing a rose quartz crystal being placed on the area where the ache was.
  7. Remember to give thanks to the crystal spirit for it's help and thanks to the universe and the earth for helping you clear the ring of pressure or headache.

De-toxifying from Absorbing Too Much Emotion

Here is another good way of de-freeing the emotion from when you've absorbed up too much.

1. Visualize yourself standing in a beautiful golden colour of light which is soothing and protective for your soul.
2. Visualize a silver mirrored circle of silver light encompassing your body, make sure that its wrapped around you letting no external influences in and surrounding you from head to foot... envision this mirror-like ring moving down or up your body, this ring engulfs your aura, too, making sure that any energies that are clinging onto the field are cleared and released.... the motion of the ring by you visualizing it moving up or down either way works.. its a case of what sits right to you... helps to make the channels of energy feel lighter and more refreshed..... and clearer too...
3. after this visualization has been completed you will feel much more free in terms of energy and almost like the vibrations themselves have lifted higher too
4. when completed this exercise do remember to take a few sips of water to reground and bring yourself back to the present.
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Clearing Stress Headaches And Your Home
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