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 Runestone Casting For The Week

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PostSubject: Runestone Casting For The Week   Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:12 pm

Key words: Divination, Luck, Law

so with this runestone being cast in the past; this shows that distant boundaries are being set up around a situation that is spinning out of control, whether the control is not something you can control about it, or if there is a external influence of energy impacting the situation, either way, the balance is gone completely so its the balance that you need to get back to get the situation balanced in the way it was before

the hearth indicates that this situation is close to home for your liking connected to family and friends where the timing of things is most significant to be mindful of lest if things weren't said or voiced then it allows room for crosswires of misunderstandings between either influencing party. So this runestone asks that you are mindful of what you say when around particular friends and family members; it suggests to trust in what it is you need to say to communicate your wishes and desires across to the other person involved

it also asks you to be gentle with yourself and take gradual, little steps and nurture the feelings within from a softer perception rather than a harsher, critical outlook in life.  a transformation of energies are happening this week in transforming the old but inviting the new energies in - when a door closes, a window opens - always something new taking place so accept the changes this week as they come as they bring something good to spring-clean the old. divine your awareness furthermore trust in your heart and its instincts as they won't EVER let you down.
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Runestone Casting For The Week
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