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PostSubject: Runestones   Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:38 pm

Runestone Casting

Working With Runestones in Divination

One of the ways in which to work with Runestones in Divination is to have your bag of runestones or box of runes beside you, make sure they are cleared of all negative energy from previous working if are bought second-hand or from a site that you aren't necessarily comfortable of working with their energies with - or if you make your own runestones then you can still work with the runestones to determine what method of clearing the energy wishes for you to clear them with.

1. Prepare yourself as to how you would before you start reading or healing... e.g. if you meditate do so to quieten the mind, or if you like to have meditation music going then put it on, you can light candles as well of your choosing or incense to alleviate and clear the energies around you in your working space complete with positive intention so as to ensure you are doing this for the reasons that are right for you. If it works for you, then it works! Don't change it.... Ground and Protect in the way in which you would as you are indeed working with energy and this ensures you are grounded and protected from harm, for your peace of mind as well as ours.

2. Relax yourself by breathing in and out 3 times and release the stress or tension of every day; you can do this by being aware of the tension within the body, either out of or during meditation, and just letting go the feeling entirely, give it to the angels that draw nearer to help you release it, particularly AA Raphael, the healing angel, ask him to take it from you and wrap it in universal divine love and light, and healing energies so as to diffuse the feeling which is still collected within your body and well-being.

3. Please state your intention:- It can be along the lines of : "I am tuning into your energy with your permission and endeavor to do so only in the name of love & light and with positive intentions intending to help you, not hinder you, in your path bringing you clarity to light." 

4. When you are ready, and feel drawn to do so pick the bag of runestones and shuffle them carefully then select one from the bag.... then find your runestone symbol on the chart above..... and focus on the symbol.......letting your senses open furthermore.... to the energies beyond the symbol...... if when reading for someone you'll be connecting to the energy through the runestone... so you can use that as a window to psychically connect to the energy within the stone.... once you see the energy that's the energy that you'll be working with.... so just relax...... and focus on the symbol.... you may find other information coming in in the form of messages, this is normal... just allow your awareness to be open to receiving the new messages coming in.... so it may take form of colours.... songs.... animals....... feelings........... thoughts......... scents........... and imagery, any indirect communication that the runestone is telling you to write down would be your information...... and messages to convey across to the Sitter.

5. You can word it like :- if you are seeing a spider totem climbing out of the bowl... for example... then word it as to how you see it... and what you sense along with that imagery... so... eg.. you have recently climbed out of a situation where you feel trapped... etc... but always trust your first thoughts on this as that will be the correct messages to give to Sitter at the time. If reading for youself take the I outta the equation after trusting in your first thoughts as that will leave your messages in tact.
Many people like myself cannot read for the self for fear of putting the I into the equation and being secure in the knowledge that it becomes riddled with doubt and indecsion.

6...when finished... bring your awareness back to the present...into the NOW....and remember to take a couple of sips of water Wink

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