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 Angelite Wisdom

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PostSubject: Angelite Wisdom   Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:43 pm

Divine Consciousness: Together we reunite in harmony love and prosperity to re-attune ourselves to the present emanation of the eclipse, today you will feel heightened to the energies of the worlds full moon and solar eclipse, and that there is a sigh of peacefulness as the old shifts to the new dimension. Pledges are signed today and missions are found, and life seems to take on a whole new role of importance, as we help people in our daily living and lifestyle.

I am scribing you this message today in light of everything that has happened in Brussels and the modern era with the events of our world. Send out peace for peace is what you will get back in return. We, the crystalline beings, are working together with the kundalini energies and reiki energies as they are far the most re-known energies of the universe, we are helping to Serve just as you are.

Energies that are outnumbered may feel like they are slightly riding the storm of challenges that are springing up out of the woodwork, but many, my friends, are finding that to this day. That's why we ask you to surround yourself in the energies of LOVE and protection so that what transpires will not caught in the negativity that breeds negativity.

Some people do not always see the message as to what is in front of them. Most resonate with the peace and silence from the natural world. Healing is abundant in all forms, whether you work with the crystalline modalities or other form of healing. Wisdom from the stones are often perceived as dormant or sleeping until one has answered their call. 

AS long as love is in your heart, and all is working with this purpose, that's what you'll receive back in return from the stone's energy. 
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Angelite Wisdom
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