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 Smokey Quartz

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PostSubject: Smokey Quartz   Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:56 pm

Smokey Quartz is another member of the Quartz family.  

An excellent stone in aiding in dispelling negative thoughts and emotional feelings away from situations that are not in accord with each other. 

Another good stone to close a pandora box with as it will assist in dispelling thoughts of the sender.

It is highly detoxifying and protects up against the negative vibrations. It also empowers stamina, endurance, will power, and also boosts one's joyfulness in one's lives.

Another excellent stone to use in healing and magick if you know what you are doing with the stone's properties.

It has a naturally high vibration which is also gentle and soothing for the soul. Elestial Smokey Quartzes are a good stone to have nearby for when journeying in meditation and for when seeing answers from within.
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Smokey Quartz
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